4.8, Environ-Richment™ 4-Pack

Primary housing units with integrated enrichment, stainless steel with solid and wire mesh panels.

Single and/or group housing for primates

4.8 sq. ft./per compartment

"Proper housing and management of animals facilites are essential to animal well being, to the quality or research data and teaching or testing programs in which animals are used..."


Features & Benefits

Single & Group Housing Units:
The Environ-Richment 4-packs can be divided into single housing modules or can be opened up to allow horizontal socialization capability.

Flexible dividers:
Removable half solid and/or half grooming, composite, wire mesh partitions. Provide observation, olfactory, partial contact or no contact.

Feeding Devices:
Slide in feeders with integrated cardholder, top lid provides easy filling for primate biscuits or feed.

Watering Devices:
Easy to mount, typically on the rear includes a stainless steel watering manifold with small primate valves.

Flat Excreta Pans: :
Stainless steel pan that provides and area for waste collection and is easy to clean. These pans are both cage washable and autoclavable.

Squeeze Back Restraint: :
Controls the animal for samples and or testing purposes. Secures in the rear position when not in use. May also be used as a resting perch.


Rear Drain Pans
Stainless steel pan that provides an area for waste collection and can be flushed out the rear of the unit.

Drain Troughs
Rear mounted, center drain, for use with rear drain pans. Provides a direct passage for flushing waste to drain systems.

Wall Locks
Pull action toggle clamp, usually mounted on the rear of the unit. Locks can be turned down to engage facility rails.

Primate Proof Latches
Stainless steel rotary latch with key. Provides security and helps eliminate padlocks.

Water/Dry Forager, Small
1" wire mesh basket with poly-carbonate foraging pan. Animals can fulfill their desire to forage and/or wash food items in a liquid medium. Can be used with shavings, etc. for dry forage.

Roller Panel, Small
1" wire mesh with mounting brackets for up to 3 roller inserts. User may choose from pvc tubes or fleece rollers. Provides a medium for foraging when the roller is prepared with seeds/treats and applied with a sticky medium.