Large Animal Kennel Systems

Our multi-species housing units are custom designed to make the most efficient use of space available and still maintain more than the minimum space required for each animal intended to be housed. The animal enclosures are joined by a simple, no-tools connector. The panelized system (front panels, side, end or divider panels, and back panels) snap together forming a complete kennel space or bank of kennels that can be opened for socialization.

Our standard kennels meet US Guide requirements with 24 square feet of living space. By opening the socialization doors and/or removing the snap-in divider inserts, two kennels can be converted in a matter of minutes to meet Euro (ETS-123) guidelines.

  Kennel System
Your animals will love the Pop-out Patio (a BritzCo innovation), ramps and resting benches.

Features & Benefits

Divider Panels
  • Kennels can be freestanding or attached to side and/or back facility walls.
  • Quick disconnect for easy installation and disassembly.
  • Front panels are typically wire mesh in the upper portion and round tubing in the lower portion. A dutch door is included along with a feeder opening and cardholder. Dutch doors allow the user to interface with the animal without opening the entire door.
  • User can easily switch out feeders to accommodate pigs, dogs, small ruminants, etc. A hay/grain feeder is available.
  • Back wall panels are typically solid trespa to provide a thermo-neutral surface and protect the back facility walls. Round tubing is also available.
Divider Panels
  • Stainless steel components are all 304 series, which is bead blasted for a satin finish.
  • Upper and lower side/divider panels can be interchanged for various species, promoting the ultimate in flexibility.
  • Sliding handles with two latch points provide security and accommodate secondary snaps or padlocks.
  • Dividers are available with swing or sliding style connecting doors to promote socialization.
  • Thermo-neutral fiberglass slatted flooring promotes healthier animals and decreases the occurrence of inter-digital cysts.
  • Automatic watering manifolds are available and can be easily mounted in the back, side or front of the units.
  • Adjustable legs are included on all kennels and provide leveling of the units on sloped floors. A polyethylene foot provides protection for the facility flooring.
  • Enrichment such as go-rounds, scratchers and swine roller rooter feeders are available upon request.
Self-Latching Door

Self-Latching Door:
Our 2 pt. gravity latches are easy to use and reduce animal "Escapes".

Full Height Sliding Doors

Full Height Sliding Doors:

  • Sliding door panels reduce aisle way obstructions
  • 1-1/2 x 16 ga. frame construction for long term durability
  • 1" round tubing vs. rod filler – minimizes occurrence of inter-digital cysts
  • Integrated slots for a variety of species specific feeders.
Fiberglass Flooring

Fiberglass Flooring:

  • Pultruded, fiberglass slatted floors have the following advantages over vinyl coated expanded metal products
  • Fiberglass is _ the weight of expanded metal, reducing the risk of workman's compensation issues.
  • Flat, slotted surfaces reduce the onset of interdigital cysts in the housed animal.
  • A non-corrosive material improves life time and return on investment.