Pen Systems

Short (42") panel construction for either fixed or free standing installation.

Single and/or group housing for dogs, swine & livestock.

15 to 24 sq. ft. "We'll custom fit"

  Pen System

Features & Benefits



Quick Disconnect Bracket:
Panels are connected with quick-disconnect brackets at the corners, top and bottom. Brackets are easily removed for quick setup, reconfiguration, or pen removal.

Swing Shift Doors

Swing Shift Doors


Swing Shift Doors:
Swing doors located on the divider panels can be used to allow access to adjacent cages for socialization or to increase floor space for large animals. Swing doors open and latch into position for separation or social housing animals.

Fiberglass Flooring


Fiberglass Flooring:
The floors are made of an aligned fiber product that will provide the animals with a smooth, thermoneutral surface. This surface is extremely durable, lightweight in comparison to the other products on the market, helps to prevent the development of interdigital cysts, and is easily cleaned by the staff. Customer may choose a fine or coarse grit surface (recommended for hoofed animal sure footedness) or smooth surface (recommended for dogs).

Adjustable Legs


Adjustable Legs:
Adjustable legs compensate for floor variation or sloping. The adjustable legs have 3" diameter stainless steel base plates to prevent gouging of the floor surface with any movement of the units.


Stainless steel J-Feeder easily slides into the mount plate on the front panel. The Roller Rooter stimulates the natural rooting behavior of swine while protecting the animal from sharp edges.

Roller Rooter