5.4 Sq. Ft. Quad

1-over-1 primary housing unit, stainless steel with solid and wire mesh panels.

Single and/or group housing for cats

5.4 sq. ft./per compartment

  5.4 SqFt Quad

Features & Benefits

Rotating Bowl Holder


Rotating Bowl Holder:
A Rotating Bowl Holder is provided for quick change out of water and food supply while containing the animal.

Recessed Litter Pan


Recessed Litter Pan:
Lightweight and Easy to Clean

Removable Divider Panels


Removable Divider Panels:
The units are designed with removable floors and divider panels. This allows complete vertical and horizontal access. Storage brackets may be provided under the frame of the unit for storage of the floors and divider panels when they are removed from the housing spaces.


Metabolic Pans:
Ideal for collection of urine through a small tube. Fits easily into recessed litter pan opening. Also can be used in conjuction with a fecal screen separator.


Resting Shelves:
The resting shelf slides easily into any position on the back or sides of the unit, and provides a comfortable resting area for cats.


Cat Scratcher:
The Cat Scratcher is a removable indoor/outdoor carpet insert, that provides for a cat's natural nail sharpening habits.


Cat Grooming Station:
The Cat Grooming Station is a short nap, polycarbonate bristled brush in a removable frame, that attaches to cage walls.


Fleece Hammock:
Insert is a rod frame with fleece hammock pad to provide a comfortable resting are for cats.