Mobile Sinks

Open Model and Cabinet Model Mobile Sinks.

Provides simple, cost effective, and floor space efficient solution for sink access in multiple laboratories.

24"w x 24"d x 39"h

  Mobile Sink

Mobile Sink

Features & Benefits

The BH Mobile Sink eliminates a standard fixed sink from every room of a facility which saves floor space and reduces facility costs. Savings in infrastructure can be applied to direct research needs.

Mobile Sink Utility Box

Mobile Sink Utility Box:
The Britz & Co. Utility Box works hand in hand with the Mobile Sink for an effective, cost saving cleaning system. The prefabricated BH Utility Box is recessed into and interstitial wall space, and is designed to supply hot and cold water. The Mobile Sink has built-in quick-disconnect fittings for easy connection to the Utility Box water supply

Self Contained Water Supply

Self Contained Water Supply:
The Self Contained five gallon autoclavable carboys are used as a clean and waste water supply. The Self Contained option includes a 12 volt DC pressure demand pump, accumulator tank, and a 12 volt rechargeable DC battery pack and charger. This option allows the sink to be used in a wide variety of locations throughout the facility where utilities (water and sewer) aren’t available.


Soap dispenser, paper towel dispenser, IR Faucet, eye wash, water pump and storage carboys for self contained operation in areas with out water access.