This cage design is the culmination of several years of collaborative design development. It includes features like:

The Britz-Wheel
- A social divider dial developed with the CHOICE "smart" cage project. The CHOICE design project is ongoing, and includes users from Mass General Hospital, the Yerkes Primate Center and the University of California San Francisco. The goal of this project is to develop caging features that give animals control of their environmental enrichment.
Gutterless Design
- Gutters (typically used to contain/control sliding divider doors) and flat surfaces have been minimized to the best extent possible. Gutters and flat surface are replaced with round smooth surfaces that are easier to clean and wont trap debris.
Modular Design
- Snap-in insert design developed in our Flex-A-Gon group enclosures allow users to quickly add or change cage features. This gives animals and staff more choices for enrichment and provides a simple way to add features that may be developed in the future.
Silent Squeeze
- Recently developed with a large primate user in the midwest, this new squeeze design is fully isolated to eliminate almost every metal-on-metal contact point. One of the goals of the new design was to significantly reduce noise, while making the operation very smooth.

Social Networking

A unique perspective on social pairing.

Divided into four quadrants for incremental introduction: a solid section for complete blockage, a polycarbonate window for visibility only, a grooming bar section for limited touching, and finally a full pass opening.

Upgrade Path

Modular inserts for long term flexibility.

This front is flexible! Hinged for full swing opening, horizontal sliding transfer door, and a removable modular section for enrichment upgrades.

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