Ferret Quad Rack

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Features & Benefits

Built in Resting Benches provide an elevated surface for relaxation. In addition, the Fruit Chute Feeder, which operates like a book return, allows for the safe and easy introduction of food items.

The Heavy-Duty Crank Squeeze is not only strong, but operates smoothly, adding to the ease of use for technicians. The squeeze operates using a chain driven crank.

The 15 square foot unit is also available in a Break Apart Model which will split into two pieces, allowing for easy transport down hallways and into sanitation areas.

Thermoneutral Flooring is available in all the Environ-Richment™ housing. Thermoneutral surfaces help retain the animal's body heat, reducing the hot and cold spots that can occur in some housing units.


  • Option 1
    The small primate feeder is the perfect solution to feeding biscuits or other dry food items. When not in use the opening may be closed using the Small Primate Feeder Cover.
  • Option 2
    Provides foraging opportunities when the rollers are prepared with seeds or treats applied with a sticky medium.
  • Option 3
    Animals may fulfill the desire to forage and/or wash food items in a liquid medium. The unit extends from the cage to enhance the complexity of the cage interior surface.