Tried and true telescoping toughness.

The industry standard for over a half century,

but with modern brain power and elegant interface.

It's the elder statesman of isolation and containment.

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Smooth Operator.

The strong silent type.

Dump your old telescoping boyfriend

and meet the new animal isolation cubicle door.

It's a smooth operator.

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The Full Monty.

Protect yourself from exposure.

With telescoping or roll up doors,

modern brains and amazing air control...

Get a good look at the complete package.

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Get Smart.

Two doors are better than one.

Tear down the barrier walls and create a passage

to easier vivarium flow.

Double your pleasure, double your fun.

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Superman will be envious.

Portable, durable, flexable, expandable, adaptable,

and dependable. Hardwall, temporary (or permanent) biocontainment.

We hate to burst your bubble.

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