Flex-A-Gon™ - EU/Gang Housing - Everland.

Flex-A-Gon™ - EU/Gang Housing - Everland.

The Britz Flex-A-Gon™ is the First and Only modular animal housing system that is fully customizable to meet your needs.

Some key benefits of the Flex-A-Gon™:

* The BritzCo Flex-A-Gon™ is the only modular multi-purpose and multi-species group housing system on the market. With only minor insert panel changes, you can house primates, dogs, pigs, rabbits, ferrets, cats, lemurs, birds...in the same Flex-A-Gon™.

* The Flex-A-Gon™ is easily configurable by a single person, due to easy-to-lift light weight wall panels and inserts.

* The Flex-A-Gon™ provides a highly enriched space for many species of NHPs, from marmosets to macaques.

* The Flex-A-Gon™ can incorporate internal capture cages and tunnels to help animal technicians with safe and effective animal transfer and/or trapping.

* The Flex-A-Gon™ is the only group housing system that can be easily configured to any geometric shape- including Hexagons and Octagons, thereby eliminating animals being 'trapped' in square corners.

* The basic square Flex-A-Gon™ was designed in 1999 and provides 2.3 square meters of floor space and 1.8+ meters of vertical height; it was Euro-compliant before Euro standards were even published!

Group Enclosures

Group Enclosures

Introduced in 1998, the Britz & Co. Flex-A-Gon™ is an unequaled solution for multi-species housing and enrichment. Initially designed for group housing of Non-Human Primates (NHPs), the system has lived up to it’s name, and is now in use for dogs, cats, sheep, swine and even goats! Species flexible housing is now a reality.

In a nutshell, the Flex-A-Gon™ consists of walls, doors, inserts, floors and roofs that can be configured in just about any geometric shape! The wall and door panels accept a wide assortment of inserts that are adaptable to a broad variety of species. Individual panel inserts are easily connected in each opening and allow you to configure and re-configure the system for your particular needs for species and enrichment. Changing the panels is a snap, and provides the ultimate in flexibility for your changing research needs.

Depending on the configuration of inserts, this system provides group housing for Group 3-7 non-human primates, ferrets, cats, dogs, swine, small livestock, birds … you get the picture!

Flexible Wall System:
Wall panels connect quickly with a unique slip type hinge and post system. Walls may be connected to form virtually any geometric shape: square, rectangle, hexagon and octagon are typical. The system can be either free standing or attached to your facility walls.

Movable Inserts:
Each wall panel includes a set of openings that accept any of 15+ inserts. Inserts are locked in place using our patented primate-proof rotating tongue latches. Simple wire mesh inserts, solid opaque composites or complex panels with enrich devices and perches help you make the space suitable for your animals and/or your study.

Thermal Neutral Raised Flooring:
You have options! You can set up your Flex-A-Gon™ on the facility floor, or, for easier cleaning, on a raised floor. At BH, we use thermal neutral, flat fiberglass floor for the benefit of the animals and the caregivers. When compared to vinyl coated expanded metal floors, our floors have been shown to significantly reduce the onset of interdigital cysts in dogs. And, at ½ the weight, your animal care staff will be grateful for making their job less strenuous.

Personnel Doors:
Door panels connect in the same fashion as basic wall panels, but provide large access for caregivers to enter/exit the system. Secure closure and secondary lock points are available when housing NHPs.

European Standard Primate Cages

European Standard Primate Cages

European Standard Primate Housing
Britz & Company is the first to bring EU ETS-123 compliant housing to the United States. Since 2007, BritzCo has designed, fabricated, installed and supported it's clients with primate housing the complies with the larger requirements defined by the European Union.

Key Features of our European Housing Units include:

  • ETS-123 Appendix A, Table 5 Compliant Enclosure size is 2 square meters, volume is 3.6(+) cubic meters and height is 1.8(+) meters.
  • European Composites Thermo neutral composits keep your animals quiet and warm while enchancing the appearance of your facility.
  • Porches and Verandas Give your animals plenty of exploration options and extend their view beyond the front of their cages.
  • Home Cages Allow you to control separation and socialization of your animals. Also include easy to use squeeze backs.
  • Play Cages Offer increased vertical exploration, with large personnel door for cleaning and maintenance.
  • Deep Foraging Pans Extend your options for enrichment by with bedding or water.
  • Interchangeable Enrichment Panels Makes daily variety and complexity an easy task.