Britz & Company’s Flex-A-Gon™ is the First and Only modular animal housing system that is fully customizable to meet your needs. Some key benefits of the Flex-A-Gon:

* The BritzCo Flex-A-Gon™ is the only modular multi-purpose and multi-species group housing system on the market. With only minor insert panel changes, you can house primates, dogs, pigs, rabbits, ferrets, cats, lemurs, the same Flex-A-Gon™.

* The Flex-A-Gon™ is easily configurable by a single person, due to easy-to-lift light weight wall panels and inserts.

* The Flex-A-Gon™ provides a highly enriched space for many species of NHPs, from marmosets to macaques.

* The Flex-A-Gon™ can incorporate internal capture cages and tunnels to help animal technicians with safe and effective animal transfer and/or trapping.

* The Flex-A-Gon™ is the only group housing system that can be easily configured to any geometric shape- including Hexagons and Octagons, thereby eliminating animals being 'trapped' in square corners.

* The basic square Flex-A-Gon™ was designed in 1999 and provides 2.3 square meters of floor space and 1.8+ meters of vertical height; it was Euro-compliant before Euro standards were even published!