Marmolade Marmoset Housing

Marmolade Marmoset Housing

Let us introduce you to the "Marmalade"...a sweet caging design for your Marmosets.

Cleverly enriched, simple and flexible. Socialize, sub-divide, connect, perch and nest. It's the perfect cage...Sweet!

For years, lab animal professionals have labored to expedite research and better their mission. Marmosets have become an increasingly popular animal model; well behaved, docile animals and much easier to handle, leading to faster results in a more cost effective environment.

The BritzCo Marmolade is the only Marmoset housing system focused on enrichment. Socialization Wheels and removable side panels allow animal technicians to change the almost limitless enrichment options in a matter of seconds. The quick change-over dramatically reduces the stress for animals and technicians.

The Marmolade is the only housing unit with a nesting box as a standard feature. A great 'safe haven' for enrichment, it can serve as a sturdy, lightweight carrying box as well. The roof and side panels can be made of clear polycarbonate for excellent videography. The Britz Marmolade units are over 60% larger than basic Guide recommendations, making it the largest Marmoset unit in the industry. Plenty of room for the growing marmoset family.

Call any of our Lab Animal Professionals to talk about how the Marmolade can benefit your organization and your research animals.

The Britz-Wheel

A social divider dial developed with the CHOICE "smart" cage project. The CHOICE design project is ongoing, and includes users from Mass General Hospital, the Yerkes Primate Center and the University of California San Francisco. The goal of this project is to develop caging features that give animals control of their environmental enrichment.

Multi Level Doors

Some users refer to the "door-within-a-door-within-a-door". Version 1 of the Marmolade provides a large swinging human access door. This door is subdivide into upper and lower swinging screen doors. On each screen door is a small sliding guillotine door for animal transfer. You have a lot of access options.

Modular Design

Snap-in insert design developed in our Flex-A-Gon group enclosures allow users to quickly add or change cage features. This gives animals and staff more choices for enrichment and provides a simple way to add features that may be developed in the future.

Nest Box Enrichment

Our cozy nesting boxes are fabricated from thermo-neutral, opaque composites that make your animals feel safe and secure. With a top handle and safety panel, these boxes are great for animal transport too.

Social Networking

Social Networking

A unique perspective on social pairing.

Divided into four quadrants for incremental introduction: a solid section for complete blockage, a polycarbonate window for visibility only, a grooming bar section for limited touching, and finally a full pass opening.

Upgrade Path

Upgrade Path

Modular inserts for long term flexibility.

This front is flexible! Hinged for full swing opening, horizontal sliding transfer door, and a removable modular section for enrichment upgrades.