Roll-Up Cubicle Doors

Roll-Up Cubicle Doors

After 50 years, vertical telescoping isolation cubicle doors are history! For the last 8 years, we’ve been researching a better, faster, cheaper door for isolation cubicles. We finally have it and presented it at the 2012 National AALAS Meeting.

Here are the key points about this new door that are important to you and your facility:


  • Runs Quieter: less disturbing to your research animals.
  • Lower Room Height Requirements: Will fit in a room with 8 foot ceilings.
  • Easier to Service and Maintain.

  • Best Seal under Negative & Positive Differentials.
  • No Cables or Counter Weights.

  • Shorter Lead Times.
  • Quicker Installations.

Less Expensive
  • $10,000 less than traditional vertical sliding doors.

"Britz & Company totally refurbished 7 cubicles
for our university in 2016. We upgraded to Rollup
Cubicle Doors. I LOVE MY CUBICLES!"
- Dr. J.Daviau, Thomas Jefferson University

Dump those tired old telescoping doors and meet our new Roll-Up Door. It's a smooth operator.


Learn more about this and other isolation cubicle innovations. Talk with Diane, Karen, Rusty, Fred or Bill to get started solving your next big cubicle challenge.