Roll-Up Cubicle Doors

Lower Costs, Increased Performance


These are just a few problems that roll-up cubicle doors solve over the older, telescoping door systems. In a nutshell, roll-up doors, seal better, operate better, they are easier to fabricate and install, and easier to maintain. They can even be retrofit to replace older, failing telescoping doors, giving older cubicles new life.

After 50 years, vertical telescoping isolation cubicle doors are history! For the last 8 years, we’ve been researching a better, faster, cheaper door for isolation cubicles. We finally have it, and we presented it at the 2012 National AALAS Meeting.


  • NRuns Quieter

    Less disturbing to your research animals.

  • NLower Room Height Requirements

    Will fit in a room with 8-foot ceilings.

  • NEasier to Service and Maintain


  • NBest Seal under Negative & Positive Differentials
  • NNo Cables or Counter Weights

    Will fit in a room with 8-foot ceilings.


  • NShorter Lead Times
  • NQuicker Installations

Less Expensive

  • NRoll Up Doors Cost $1000's Less
  • NZipTrack Technology Seals Doors Incredibly Well, Reducing Long-Term Energy Costs to the Facility.

“Britz & Company totally refurbished 7 cubicles for our university in 2016. We upgraded to Rollup Cubicle Doors. I LOVE MY CUBICLES!”

Dr. J. Daviau

Thomas Jefferson University