Rearing Racks

A mobile, independently controlled, five-shelf containment environment. Each shelf is independently temperature- and light–cycle controlled and has either positive or negative air flow for containment isolation.

For laboratory reared insects in the use of insect life history; insect behavior; insect physiology; insecticides; repellents; attractants; resistance; pathogens; parasites; predators; transmission; biological control; genetic control; nutrition; taxonomy; classification; genetic engineering.

Also suitable for:

  • Incubation and brooding
  • Housing of reptiles and aquatics where temperatures and light cycles are critical.

9 sq. ft. per shelf

Height: 79”
Width: 68 ½”
Depth: 27″

Features & Benefits

Touch Screen Display

  • Easy to operate touch screen display provides tight tolerances for environmental controls and independent settings for:
    • Shelf temperature
    • Shelf light cycle
    • Shelf stirring rods (scaling of brine pans)
    • Air flow
  • Remote monitoring
  • Integrates easily into building management systems, thus protecting researchers, lab staff and the general public.
  • Expandable for future upgrades; rugged and robust for reliable long-term operation.
  • The Windows Graphical User Interface provides many options and flexibility for design of operator interfaces.


  • Mounted on large, free-rolling casters, the Rearing Rack is completely mobile and fits through doorways.
  • Includes adjustable leveler legs for stationary operation.

Ease of Care

  • Removable stirring rods control surface level buildup (scum).
  • Air circulation for odor and humidity control. Air may be re-circulated or plumbed to building HVAC exhaust.
  • White composite panels for easy cleaning. (Stainless steel may be substituted.)
  • Full-height side access panels for easy long-term maintenance and cleaning.
  • Lexan doors let researchers and technicians view each shelf in its entirety
  • Aluminum shelves offer exceptionally even heat distribution.
  • Lights are mounted on sliding tracks, giving users the ability to center the light over the shelves for visibility of research.
  • Lights can be pushed back to the rear of the shelf area to allow cleaning and more room to work.


Inline Exhaust Fan

Fan is located under the IRR. The fan can be reversed to create either a positive or negative pressure within the shelf area. This allows humidity and odors from the shelves to be pulled from the unit and vented out of the room through the building exhaust

Duplex 110VAC Plug-Ins

If the units are equipped with duplex plug-ins, it allows for standard 110v accessories to be placed into each shelf area. Examples of items include water or air pumps, fans, or heaters. Plug-ins are covered with a water-resistant cover plate.