Let's put our thinking caps on.

"...there is a dearth of evidence regarding optimal cage sizes."

In October 2018, a roundtable was convened to discuss the Care, Use and Welfare of
Marmosets as Animal Models. The proceedings of the workshop have been published by the National Academy of Sciences.

Chapter 7 describes workshop discussion on various Marmoset Care and Management topics. As highlighted, physical housing requirements have very little (aka "a dearth") of quantitative study.

Aren't Marmosets Arboreal?
Would extra cage height be beneficial?

Our Marmoset Cage is Modular...side, front and TOP panels are all removable with a simple key. We thought...let's make a "tree house" cap that can stack on top, to create more vertical space!

On the right is our typical Marmoset cage. To the left is the same cage with the new "Tree House" cap, providing additional vertical space and pop-out veranda for wider
scanning opportunities.

The "Tree House" cap, while made from the same structural tubing as the main cage
frame, is light enough to lift into place after the cages have been moved to the animal
housing room.

In case you missed it, this is how the Marmolade cage measures up against common standards...

Add a tree-house and let your Marmosets really feel like "Swiss Family Robinson".

Grow Your Colony

Grow Your Colony

Connect 1-over-1 marmalade cages to form larger spaces as your families grow.

Warm and Safe Nest Boxes

Warm and Safe Nest Boxes

External nest boxes from warm composites can be used for transport or as study and animal work locations.

Already have BritzCo Marmalade Caging? Contact us about a free demo tree-house module to test with your animals.