Normotherm™ Infrared Heaters

Normotherm™ Infrared Heaters

Safe, effective, comforting and healing

Normotherm™ is changing the future of animal health with comfort before, during and after surgery. For years, veterinarians, scientists, and technicians have struggled to achieve and maintain normal body temperatures of animals in clinical and laboratory settings. Heating pads, hot water bottles, space heaters and a myriad of other methods have always provided inconsistent results, at times even resulting in injury to animals through overheating, burns, or other undesirable effects. Inconsistent body temperatures lead to much longer surgical recoveries and wound healing times.

With infrared heat, recovery time and wound healing times have been proven to be up to 50% faster. Infrared heat increases metabolism, thereby speeding the release anesthetics and discharge of toxins, which aid in recovery and wound healing.

Features & Benefits

Infrared heat is the most effective way to achieve and maintain increased blood flow and
eliminate heat loss in rodents and other animals, thereby allowing researchers more time for procedures, and under more humane conditions.

For Rodents, maintaining normal body temperatures helps with dilation of blood vessels in the tail to assist with tail vein blood collections or injections.

90% of infrared heat is absorbed by the body and warms the body directly without warming the air, allowing the animal to breathe cool air vital to thermoregulation. This allows the animals to be warmed for a longer period of time without danger.

It’s also silent, operates for pennies a day, is easy to clean and has no disposables. While traditional heating methods such as heating pads, hot water bottles, or blowers often provide inconsistent results. The Normotherm™ provides the most effective form of heat for intraoperative and postoperative use.

Simply the best, healthiest way to provide heat to animals. Contact one of our Lab Animal Professionals to learn how Normotherm™ heaters can benefit your and your animals.