Telescoping Cubicle Doors

Telescoping Cubicle Doors

Isolation Cubicle for Animal Containment

Since 1994, Britz & Co. has produced the premier cubicle door system for animal isolation and containment. Britz & Co. cubicle doors are the industry standard, recognized for the unique electronically operated, vertically telescoping doors.

Britz & Co. cubicle doors produce the best seal in the industry, allowing differential pressures between 0.05 and 0.10 inches of water column to be easily maintained between the cubicle space and the rest of the facility.

Typical Use:
Britz & Co. cubicle doors may be installed in roughed in openings between CMU walls constructed for individual cubicle spaces. The Britz & Co. cubicle doors complement interior cubicle air monitoring and control is provided by others, by providing a time tested and user friendly barrier.

Features & Benefits

Electronic Door Operation:

Electronic Door Operation:

Push button door operation eliminates the hassle and back strain of manually operated doors.

Electronic closure ensures the best seal possible every time the cubicle is closed.

Vertically Telescoping Doors:

Vertically Telescoping Doors:

Provide a full and unobstructed opening to the interior space allowing free and easy movement of cage racks and equipment into and out of each cubicle.

Mar resistant Lexan™ windows provide an excellent view into the cubicle space allow research observations to be completed without unnecessary disturbance of the study animals.


Interior Lighting

4 foot, water resistant fluorescent fixtures may added to provide lighting within the cubicle space. Fixtures are mounted on the inside of each cubicle door column to provide reflective light on the animal subjects. Automatic controls allow the user to set up day/night cycles. Electronic dimming ballasts allow the user to set the normal day cycle to ~30 foot-candles, while a temporary override provides >80 foot-candles for periodic research and husbandry tasks.

BH SIP Divider Walls

Britz & Co. SIP wall technology simplifies the cubicle construction process and reduces long term maintenance costs. At 1-1/2" thin, Britz & Co. cubicle walls preserve valuable research floor space when compared to typical 8" block wall construction. Cubicles with SIP wall technology are relatively easy to remove and relocate when research needs change.