For I am he am born to tame you.


We named this one after the most famous of shrew tamers. We think he would be pleased.



Our CEO refers to TreeShrews as "squirrels on speed". Simple animals don't require complicated caging; needs to be sturdy and safe with easy features.

The BritzCo "Petruchio" cage tames the laboratory tree shrew. A basic one-overĀ­-one configuration with 3.33 square feet of floor space. Use as two cages (upper and lower) or remove the center pan and floor to give the full height of the cage to your animals ... maybe that extra climbing space will tire them out!

Small access doors and a lazy susan style feeder provide for daily husbandry needs. A large full access swing door give ample access to the whole cage.

Nest boxes, either tube or box style can be added for enrichment and/or trapping and transportation. Interior perches provide additional resting and exploration levels inside the cage space.

Looking for something a little different? No Problem! We are happy to modify our designs. Our state of the art engineering system allows us to customize our cage designs in almost a heartbeat! Bigger, small, deeper? Different mesh? Different front door features? It's our pleasure to customize to your specific needs.

Call any of our Lab Animal Professionals to talk about how Petruchio can be a Shrew Tamer in your facility!

"Working with Britz was the first time in my 30 year career that I ever receivedexactly what I specified from a caging vendor!"
- Major South Eastern US University

Enriching the Lives of Animals & Humans.