Vivarium Storage Area Doors

Vivarium Storage Area Doors: Literal Architectural Over-Kill. 

Large, industrial, high-speed closet doors are real killers...

  • Space utilization killers.
  • Energy killers.
  • Pocket book killers.
  • Safety killers.
  • Put your head in the wrong place and...


The Britz Roll Up Door is Better:

  • Makes the most out of your storage space. No space consuming electrical panels, motors, and huge old style doors.
  • Lower Room height requirements: will fit in a room with 8 foot ceilings.
  • Much safer - not a head chopper.
  • Smaller, lighter weight, easier to use.
  • No expensive architectural costs - we will design the door systems to fit your needs.
  • The Britz Roll Up Cubicle Door costs $1,000's less.


Britz is the leader in the isolation cubicle market. Our cubicle doors are state of the art - better, faster, less expensive. We have now adapted our isolation cubicle doors and made them available for storage applications.