We’re thrilled to announce that Britz & Company has become part of a fellow-family owned business in our industry: Tecniplast.

Like Britz & Company, Tecniplast encompasses multiple generations of family ownership. 

First established by the late Carlo Bernardini, whose passion for laboratory animal science echoes that of our own founder Dr. Bill Britz, Tecniplast’s daily operations are now overseen by brothers Pietro, Sandro, and Eduordo Bernardini. 

Our new partnership with Tecniplast is more than just business; it’s about a blending and strengthening of two families,” said Britz & Company CEO Bill Britz. “It’s an honor to become a part of Carlo Bernardini’s legacy, and in Pietro, Sandro and Eduordo, I have three new brothers who I am certain will challenge us and champion us.”

Additionally, Tecniplast shares our commitment to enriching the lives of animals and humans, and our core values of innovation, quality, and passion.

“What’s truly special is our shared commitment to preserving our family-owned traditions,” shared Tecniplast CEO Pietro Bernardini. “Our partnership with the Britz family ensures that our heritage remains at the heart of everything we do.”

In recognition of this exciting partnership, we’ve updated our logo to reflect our inclusion within the Tecniplast family:

For both Britz & Company and Tecniplast, this partnership is about more than business; it’s an opportunity to strengthen our abilities to collaborate, grow, and, most importantly, keep the spirit of family-owned business alive. 

We look forward to continuing our work to enrich the lives of research animals, our customers, our employees, and the world around us—now with the ability to extend our impact further than before.

To view our formal press release (.PDF) regarding this exciting new partnership, click here.