6-Pack Rack Rabbit Caging

Simple Designs, Simple Pleasures. Our 6-pack rabbit cages are simple and easy to use while providing enrichment and socialization features that are hard to find in racks with removable hutches and tubs.

Our philosophy has always been about giving you and your animals more. That philosophy continues in our rabbit cages, where you will find 5.4 square feet of floor space for each animal. This exceeds the US Guide recommendation for Rabbits > 5.4 kg. This floor space also exceeds the Euro Guide (ETS-123) recommendation for rabbits between 3 and 5 kg.

Scroll through the information below and learn more about the features and benefits of these great rabbit racks!

Features & Benefits

Open Design

Our open design allows for plenty of lighting and airflow inside the cages space. The helps minimize overheating and odor accumulation..

Removable Side Panel

The flattened wire grid floor option allows you to use large catch pans underneath the floor. Note the removable side panel! Simply pull this panel out and store it in the carriage at the bottom of the cage frame. Let your animals socialize!

Ferret Friendly

While rabbits enjoy our housing units, ferrets will find the same space really enjoyable. This allows you to be flexible with your housing equipment dollar.

Removable Flooring

Our design provides for removable flooring. You can use either a nice, smooth, warm and colorful composite floor or an open, flat wire mesh floor. The composite floor includes a recessed litter pan which can make cage cleaning a snap.


Slide-In Feeder Box

Add a slide in feeder box. Our boxes have an internal baffle to keep little rabbits (or ferrets) from exiting through the feeder.

Water Bottle or Watering Manifold

Add water bottles and/or an automatic watering manifold. Our front panels are pre-punched to hold a 16 oz. water bottle kit.

Resting Shelf

Add a resting shelf on the inside of each cage space. Our corner shelf fastens simply inside each cage space and can be added when you order your cages, or later using your enrichment budget.