Britz Modular Kennels

We Customize to Your Needs

Britz Modular Kennels open the door(s), panel, and porches to a “BRAVE NEW WORLD” of animal kenneling. Let us help you create or expand your custom kenneling systems!

Not only are Britz Modular Kennels the industry’s most flexible option for multi-species housing—from dogs, to swine, to small livestock—they’re also designed and made to your specifications. We are happy to customize kennels that meet your specific needs so you can get the kennels you want… not just someone else’s design.

Additionally, Britz Modular Kennels are made with lightweight, interchangeable panels (about 15 pounds each). This makes it easy for your average technician to change the panels in minutes, by themselves, without the worry of injury from lifting heavy, hard-to-handle panels.

Features & Benefits

  • NKennels can be freestanding or attached to side and/or back facility walls.
  • NQuick disconnect for easy installation and disassembly.
  • NFront panels are typically wire mesh in the upper portion and round tubing in the lower portion. A dutch door is included along with a feeder opening and cardholder. Dutch doors allow the user to interface with the animal without opening the entire door.
  • NUser can easily switch out feeders to accommodate pigs, dogs, small ruminants, etc. A hay/grain feeder is available.
  • NBack wall panels are typically solid trespa to provide a thermo-neutral surface and protect the back facility walls. Round tubing is also available.
  • NStainless steel components are all 304 series, which is bead blasted for a satin finish.
  • NUpper and lower side/divider panels can be interchanged for various species, promoting the ultimate in flexibility.
  • NSliding handles with two latch points provide security and accommodate secondary snaps or padlocks.
  • NDividers are available with swing or sliding style connecting doors to promote socialization.
  • NThermo-neutral fiberglass slatted flooring promotes healthier animals and decreases the occurrence of inter-digital cysts.
  • NAutomatic watering manifolds are available and can be easily mounted in the back, side or front of the units.
  • NAdjustable legs are included on all kennels and provide leveling of the units on sloped floors. A polyethylene foot provides protection for the facility flooring.
  • NEnrichment items—such as go-rounds, scratchers and swine roller rooter feeders—are available upon request.


Our two-point gravity latches are easy to use and reduce animal “Escapes.”


  • Sliding door panels reduce aisleway obstructions.
  • 1-1/2 x 16 ga. frame construction for long-term durability.
  • 1″ round tubing vs. rod filler minimizes occurrence of
    interdigital cysts.
  • Integrated slots for a variety of species-specific feeders.


  • Pultruded, fiberglass slatted floors have many advantages over vinyl-coated expanded metal products.
  • Fiberglass is the weight of expanded metal, reducing the risk of workman’s compensation issues.
  • Flat, slotted surfaces reduce the onset of interdigital cysts in the housed animal.
  • Non-corrosive material improves longevity and return on investment.



“We recently added large animal housing in our facility. Britz partnered with us during the entire process. We had a weight bearing column in the room and they came up with a solution to work around this. The installation was complete faster than promised, despite issues with the room’s trenches. I would recommend Britz to anyone in need of large animal housing. They have the highest quality cages in the industry and the staff is committed to exceeding expectations.”


“The best part of working with Britz is it is always a partnership, especially in the design phase. We get the equipment we want with no angst over changing from the “standard” design. I’m hoping we’ll be working on many more projects with Britz.”


“Britz & Company has been our vendor-of-choice for large animal kennels and pens since 2001. Recently we worked closely with Bill Britz in the customized design of pens and kennels for four animals housing areas in a new facility, as well as transport cages that would facilitate the movement of livestock between several facilities with efficiency and safety for both the animal and the technician.”


“I have been in the Laboratory Animal field for now over 35 years and have worked with many different companies. It has been my experience that Britz and Company is one of those companies that will go the extra mile for customer satisfaction. They are very creative and can design and fabricate the caging that will fit both your facility and budget. Their sales team and inside customer relations department and field installers, are responsive and caring. I have been doing business with Britz for over 20 years and will continue to work with them as we have been very satisfied with both their products and personnel.”


“At each step of researching, ordering, and receiving these kennels, I found Britz and Company to be extremely accommodating and knowledgeable. The kennels I ordered were exactly what I needed at an extremely affordable price. Any questions or concerns I had were addressed within the same day (usually within an hour!) and this whole order was one of the smoothest I have ever placed. Thank you so much for your service. You were instrumental in helping me completely meet my needs with these kennels! Thanks again! You will definitely have our business again.”


“It is my pleasure to recommend Britz & Company for your animal caging needs. We recently had our second room of their swine pens installed and I can’t say enough about the quality of the product and installation. The pens in our first room were installed over 5 years ago and still look brand new. The office staff and installation crew were a pleasure to work with, and the pens were designed and constructed exactly to our specifications. You can’t go wrong with Britz!”


“When we needed to replace our large animal kennels we were very fortunate to have been referred to Britz and Company. We couldn’t be more pleased with the 30 multi-species housing units that we recently purchased from you. The entire process from initial contact to installation went very smoothly. It was a pleasure working with the entire staff and the final product was superior in all respects. The units were truly custom made to meet our specific requirements and the sturdy construction is a huge improvement over the units they replaced. I highly recommend Britz and Company and look forward to working with you on future products.”