Full Animal Isolation Cubicles

Make the most of your research space without compromising safety.

Divide and conquer: Animal isolation cubicles let you pack more research into your existing space.

By combining slim-yet durable SIP walls, a quiet-rolling door, and state-of-the-art air handling and control, Britz & Company’s full isolation cubicles make the most of your existing space—without compromising safety.

As you may have seen—or perhaps have in your research facility now—traditional “block construction” cubicle walls are about 8″ thick. In comparison, our structurally insulated panel (SIP) cubicle walls are 1 1/2″ thin, preserving valuable research floor space.


Not only are SIP cubicle walls easier to construct, clean, and maintain, they also provide superior sound control, and they’re much easier to remove and relocate as your research needs change. You can even install a new full cubicle between facility-provided divider walls!

In addition to durable and space-saving SIP walls, every Britz & Company full cubicle comes standard with a quiet-open/close rolling door and programmable, continuously monitored logic controller (PLC). Using the touchscreen interface, you can easily specify air changes, differential pressure, and air system inside the cubicle space without  having to call or wait on Facilities to come do it for you.

What are the benefits of a rolling cubicle door?

  • ZZipTrack Technology provides the best seal under negative and positive differentials
  • ZVertical door opening provides a clear, unobstructed path for moving equipment in and out
  • ZQuiet operation for minimal disturbance to animals
  • ZLower room height requirements
  • ZCan easily be retrofit to replace failing telescoping doors and give older cubicles new life
  • ZQuick and fast to install, with less lead time than a telescoping door

What does the PLC monitor inside the cubicle?

  • ZAir changes
  • ZDifferential pressure
  • ZTemperature
  • ZHumidity

Ask about renovating your outdated cubicles!

Breathe new life into an outdated research space—and ultimately save your facility time and money in the process.

“Britz & Company totally refurbished 7 cubicles for our university in 2016. We upgraded to roll-up cubicle doors. I LOVE MY CUBICLES!”

Dr. J. Daviau

Thomas Jefferson University

Features & Benefits


Your cubicle door and air systems are controlled by a programmable, industry-standard logic controller with a user-friendly touchscreen interface. The controller continuously monitors cubicle air changes, differential pressure, temperature and humidity, then automatically adjusts supply and exhaust air flow to maintain user-specified air change rates and pressures.


Quiet operation means less stress and disurbance for your animals, and the rolling design provides a full, unobstructed opening for moving cage racks and equipment in and out.


All cubicles have a serial port (RS-232 or RS-485) that allows you to connect to your building’s ethernet system, allowing you to monitor and control cubicles from virtually any office workstation


Clear, mar-resistant windows provide an excellent view into the cubicle space, allowing you to complete research observations without unnecessarily disturbing your study animals.



Ask about customizing full cubicles to meet your needs for size and function! Our engineering and installation teams will work closely with you at all stages to ensure your new cubicles will support your work effectively.


Our water-resistant LED fixtures allow you to set day/night cycles. You can also use the electronic dimming ballast to program true dawn/dusk simulation, improving the animal experience in the cubicle space day in and day out. 


Great for surgical suites! You can control the temperature inside the cubicle space 10°F – 15°F higher than the ambient temperature of the surrounding room, making it an effective recovery area when the cubicle is located directly in a surgical suite.


When added, a network-capable uninterruptible power supply (UPS) provides additional protection for  your valuable research. In the event of a power failure, the UPS provides battery backup to the cubicle systems, and can automatically put the cubicle into a “hibernation” mode in the event of an extended outage. The system will automatically restore itself when facility power is returned.

Questions about OUR FULL CUBICLES?