Full Isolation Cubicles


Britz & Company full isolation cubicles combine the industry-standard Britz & Company telescoping door system with an intelligent, state-of-the-art air handling and control system.

Full cubicles are “species independent” and allow for maximum flexibility of the research facility, while providing the industry standard for containment and isolation.

Species independence allows today’s research with rodents to be protected using either basic filter top caging or individually ventilated cage racks. Tomorrow’s research with primates or dogs or swine (or any other species) is equally well protected, with loose house caging conveniently rolled inside the cubicle space.

Used in combination, the telescoping door and air control systems provide uncompromising isolation or containment for any animal study. Simple digital human interface allows end-users to monitor and control individual cubicle conditions.

Typical Use

Full cubicles are typically used to efficiently divide large research spaces into individual spaces, allowing multiple research studies to be conducted with minimal risk of cross contamination.

A full cubicle may be installed between facility provided divider walls (typically epoxy coated CMU). As a cost-saving alternative, BH-provided SIP walls may also be used. At 1-1/2” thick, these wall panels conserve valuable research space, while providing superior cleaning ability and sound control. Britz & Company SIPs can be easily and cleanly removed if future studies call for cubicles to be relocated.

“I love my cubicles!”

Dr. J. Daviau

Thomas Jefferson University

Features & Benefits


The door and air systems in Britz & Company cubicles are controlled by a programmable, industry standard logic controller (PLC). Cubicle air changes, differential pressure, temperature and humidity are continuously monitored by the PLC. The PLC automatically and continuously adjusts supply and exhaust air flows to maintain user-specified air change rates and pressure.


Provide a full and unobstructed opening to the interior space, allowing free and easy movement of cage racks and equipment in and out of each cubicle.

Mar-resistant Lexan windows provide an excellent view into the cubicle space, allowing research observations and x-rays to be completed without unnecessary disturbance of the study animals.



4′ water-resistant fluorescent fixtures may be added to provide lighting within the cubicle space. Fixtures are mounted on the inside of each cubicle door column to provide reflective light on the animal subjects. Automatic controls allow the user to set day/night cycles. Electronic dimming ballasts allow the user to set the normal day cycle to ~30 foot-candles, while a temporary override provides >80 foot-candles for periodic research and husbandry tasks.


Britz & Company cubicles are provided by default with a serial port (either RS-232 or RS-4845) that allows the PLC to be connected to a wide variety of Building Automation Systems.

Britz & Company cubicles may also be connected to your building’s Ethernet system, allowing cubicle monitoring and control from virtually any office workstation.


A network capable uninterruptible power supply (UPS) can be added to the cubicle system, providing an added layer of protection for your valuable research. The UPS provides battery backup to the cubicle systems in the event of facility power failure.

In the event of an extended power failure, the system can automatically put the cubicle into a “hibernation” mode. The system will automatically restore itself when facility power is returned.


An optional heat control package is available, which allows the temperature inside the cubicle space to be controlled 10-15 degrees (F°) higher than the ambient temperature of the surrounding room. This option provides an effective recovery area when the cubicle is located directly in a surgical suite.


Britz & Company SIP wall technology simplifies the cubicle construction process and reduces long term maintenance costs. At 1-1/2” thin, Britz & Company cubicle walls preserve valuable research floor space when compared to typical 8” block wall construction. Cubicles with SIP wall technology are relatively easy to remove and relocate when research needs change.


Britz & Company can readily customize cubicles to meet your needs for size and function. Deeper cubicles (6-8 feet) are not uncommon and allow users to work comfortably inside the cubicle with the telescoping door closed. The Britz & Company engineering and installation teams will work closely with you at all stages to ensure your cubicles will support your work effectively.