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COVID-19 Research Alert

"Bats act as reservoirs for over 200 viruses, many of which cause severe, often life-threatening, diseases in humans, livestock and wildlife."

Bats and Viruses

A recent (January 2020) publication from Caister Academic Press suggests that research into the molecular and cellular biology of virus-host interactions may be key to development of strategies for prevention of bat-borne zoonotic infections.

No doubt, the recent COVID-19 pandemic will create new and greater needs for laboratory based research with bats.

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Bat Husbandry and Housing

Information on the care and use of laboratory bats is...well...sparse.

Working with current customers that are actually using bats in the lab, we have learned that:

  • Housing should be "cavernous". I.e., a fairly large volume to allow decent flight behaviors.
  • Smaller mesh sizes are needed for animal safety and for grasping by small hands.
  • Minimize gaps and spaces where wings and appendages might get caught.
  • Large personnel entries to allow hand and/or net capture.

Based on our bat customer inputs, we are focused on a 24-square foot enclosure.

We made it "break-apart" to simplify husbandry and safety. Each half will fit in typical cage/rack washers and autoclaves. Minimal internal obstructions ensure good contact of internal surfaces by cage wash spray patterns.

We hope this cage will be a valuable tool in the battle against COVID-19, and, the prevention of future bat-borne illnesses.

"In comparison to the other vendors we talked to, you are so far ahead with your innovative ideas and your sheer passion, we really had no other choice."

Major Global Pharmaceutical

"I called all of my peers around the country looking for someone that could design a cage system that actually works. Everyone told me to talk to Britz."

CDC Veterinarian

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Britz & Company Is a Leader in the Laboratory Animal Science Industry

Call us for animal management equipment & biocontainment units

Britz & Company of Wheatland, WY has a management team with more than 75 combined years of experience in the laboratory animal science and biomedical research industry. Our team has a clear understanding of the current animal care issues that affect the housing of captive animals in a research environment.

With our knowledge base, we design, develop, manufacture and install a comprehensive line of animal housing systems and animal care products for the biomedical research industry. Our products include:

Our animal containment units meet stringent research requirements. Reach out to Britz & Company today to learn more about our biocontainment units and animal management equipment available nationwide!



Customized and comfortable animal housing units


The biomedical research community across the country has a clear mandate and moral obligation to provide the most suitable, comfortable and enhanced animal housing units possible. These animal containment units must comply with research protocols and address animal care and management requirements and regulations. We utilize all resources on the use of animal models to design and produce state-of-the-art animal housing units.


Designs for basic caging and research equipment were formulated during the 1940s and 1950s with an emphasis on housing density, security and sanitization. The standards were based on the weight and size of the animal, not species-specific behavioral needs. At the time, a large percentage of the animal care staff had an agricultural background.


Over the past twenty years, the industry has experienced a shift in the workforce. Many of today's workers have a background in laboratory animal science and care. The science has also experienced changes in animal housing unit requirements that not only emphasize sanitization and security, but also the well-being of the animals and the ergonomic factors impacting the animal care staff. 

Unique and innovative biocontainment solutions

In response to the changes in the research animal housing criteria and workforce, Britz & Company has designed a unique series of animal housing units. These systems:

  • Are utilized with innovative construction materials.
  • Are designed with technical information relating to the well-being of captive animals.
  • Comply with federal regulations as detailed in the Animal Welfare Act and its amendments.
  • Adhere to recommendations outlined in "The Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals."
Reach out to Britz & Company today to order your biocontainment pens and animal housing units in Wheatland, WY.

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