Folding Mobiles

Uniquely Multi-Species

Species-specific insert panels allow you to transform a simple base frame for use with monkeys, dogs, pigs, sheep, goats… you name it, it will hold it!

Folding mobiles give you the most long-term flexibility of your capital equipment dollars.

Flexibility and efficiency are the hallmarks of this innovative social housing and exercise solution.

This folding mobile may be configured for use with groups 1 through 5 non-human primates, dogs, swine or other livestock. These units enhance the flexibility of the animal-care facility by eliminating the need for fixed installation kennels. Simply fold the unit up for easy transportation to cage wash, storage or for relocation to another research area.

Multiple units may be locked together, forming a series of runs. Side guillotine doors allow animals to be transferred easily from one run to the next. A variety of feeders are available to support primates, dogs, swine, etc.

When used for housing of non-human primates, the folding mobile provides a range of enrichment options limited only by the imagination of the caregiver. Select from an assortment of removable Britz & Company enrichment panels, thermoneutral resting benches, multiple automatic watering points, deep foraging pans, composite ladders, and swing chains, and you’ll have the happiest colony on the block.

15 or 24 sq.ft.