housing for Primate Groups 1 & 2

Marmosets, Squirrel Monkeys, Tamarins, and Tree Shrews

Marmoset Housing: Dr. Watson


Elementary housing for Marmoset families, groups, and breeders. With floor space measuring more than 6 square feet and a vertical interior of 39 inches, your animals will enjoy far more than the Guide recommends.

Imagine three generations within a single cage space. Perfect for growing your marmoset colony without busting the budget or facility walls!

Simple designs means simple pricing that would even shock Sherlock!

When asked about our Dr. Watson cage, Sherlock simply replied: “Brilliant!”


“We have over 40 ‘Marmolade’ marmoset cages from Britz & Co. The cages are very easy to use and nearly indestructible. Very high quality. They include nesting boxes which are convenient and add enrichment. The cages can easily be made twice as big by connecting them together. This gives flexibility for working with different group sizes. We haven’t encountered any problem using them on a daily basis. For a smaller number of cages, we required a modified design, which was exactly tailored to our needs by Britz, and this was very helpful. Service has been great. The people at Britz are always very friendly and quick to help. 

Rogier Landman

The Broad Institute/MIT

“We have been using Britz cages for our marmoset colony since 2012. The cages are lightweight and easily maneuvered around for cleaning and even after 4 years of constant use, the cages have maintained a like-new condition. The design of the cages have benefitted our behavioral training program with protruding nest boxes that can be closed off with a divider and removed from the cage front. We could not be happier with Britz & Company.”

MAJOR International Pharmaceutical Company

“Britz caging is the solid foundation of our animal housing and we continue to grow and adapt with their expertise and innovation. Working with this company is fantastic .”

Angel Lagoe

University of Pittsburgh