The Britz Marmolade Marmoset Housing

Meets US and EU standards!

Endless enrichment for marmosets meets maximum access for researchers

Designed for the way marmosets interact with and thrive within their home environment, the Britz Marmolade combines ease of use and access for researchers with endless enrichment and socialization opportunities for marmosets.

To keep up with ever-changing research priorities, we’ve designed the Marmolade with removable modular side panels, making it easy to reconfigure your housing and extend the value of your equipment investment. 

Plus, when fitted with “Britz Wheels” (social dials), the Marmolade allows you to effortlessly introduce and socialize your marmosets to expand housing space and encourage colony growth!

To support incremental introductions,

each  “Britz Wheel” is divided into four quadrants:

Solid section

for complete blockage

Clear polycarbonate section

for visibility only

Grooming bar section

for limited touching

Full-pass opening section

when marmosets are ready to meet

Sized much larger than basic Guide recommendations, the Marmolade meets US as well as EU standards, making it a wonderful choice for marmoset families, breeding pairs, and growing colonies. 

In addition to its impressive square footage and thoughtful design, every Marmolade includes a thermo-neutral nest box. This cozy, inviting nook doubles as a sturdy, lightweight carrying box for researchers, and it offers “sky’s-the-limit” options to customize and meet your needs. Try changing out panels with clear polycarbonate to enable videography of animals inside the box, or update the front panels with slots for touch screens and fixtures for treat reward services. 



A unique and simple social introduction tool, developed as part of the CHOICE “smart” cage project with enrichment coordinators at Mass General Hospital, the Yerkes Primate Center, and the University of California San Francisco. For incremental introductions, the Wheel is divided into four quadrants: A solid section for complete blockage, a clear polycarbonate section for visibility only, a grooming bar section for limited touching and, finally, a full-pass opening section for when your marmosets are ready to meet. 


Patented quarter-turn latches securely hold panels in place and are opened/closed with a simple tool.


Fabricated from opaque, thermo-neutral composite, nest boxes are fully customizable for your needs.


Configured as a traditional 1-over-1 mobile housing unit, the basic Marmolade has removable, conversion-friendly floors and pans that make it easy to  give your marmosets full vertical access to the entire space. As your colony grows, connect as many 1-over-1 Marmolades as you need to create larger and larger spaces!


Removable top, side, back and front panels make it quick and effortless to add on to or update the Marmolade and its features. 


The cozy nest box has top handles and safety panels that make transport a breeze. 


Adapted to meet researcher’s needs, this lightweight pan is much easier to handle than stainless steel, and is fully steam autoclavable for cleaning and sanitizing. 


Access should be easy! Each access door has upper and lower swinging screen doors, complete with smaller sliding doors for access to the marmosets. 

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