Britz Socialization wheels

Reinventing the Wheel—For NHPs

Introducing an irreplaceable, incredibly innovative tool for socializing Group 1 to Group 4 NHPs!

Socialization wheels bring together all the elements for gradual, successful introductions in one simple, easy-to-operate design. Simply rotate the wheel to your desired level of interaction, lock into place, and commence with your next phase of introductions… no pesky pocket doors required.

As always, we can customize your Britz socialization wheels to swap in different sections, adjust up or down from our standard 30” diameter sizing, and more. Just ask!

How do the Socialization Wheels work?

Sold as a pair, socialization wheels can be added to any of our primary or social NHP housing during the customization stage.

Each wheel is divided into four sections, allowing for gradual, low-stress introduction between NHPs:

  • ZSolid no-contact barrier
  • ZSmaller circle with polycarbonate window
  • ZGrooming bars OR perforated holes
  • ZFull opening

ask How to add britz socialization wheels to your nhp housing today!