The Britz 80/20 Rule

Tomorrowland is designed for new thinking on NHP housing. Tomorrowland is living space that’s open, warm and inviting. Side shift doors allow animals to move to traditional 1-over-1 caging where and when they will do their work.

Animals are really only “working” 10-20% of the time. That is when they should be confined to smaller spaces. The other 80-90% of the time, they should be in large open spaces; large open spaces like Tomorrowland.

In Tomorrowland, laboratory NHPs will have “space.” They will have new views and quieter, warmer environments. They will be out of square boxes and into other dimensions. At BritzCo, Tomorrowland is here today!

BritzCo’s Tomorrowland is a new and unique angle to outside the box thinking; a shape that provides different climbing postures and increasing vertical volumes.

Tomorrowland shows the NHP a whole new world through a leading edge veranda with subtle curves. Side mounted viewports provide new windows to neighbors and visitors.

Custom graphics and unique new materials make the space warm and inviting.

Contact one of our Lab Animal Professionals to learn how the cubicles can fit your facility and make your job easier and safer.