TroopLeader Series primate caging

Leading the way in mobile, fully customizable primate caging.

More than two decades ago, Britz & Company pioneered the inclusion of modularity and extensibility into NHP housing design.

In the decades since, we’ve continued to be leaders in the NHP housing realm, thoughtfully tailoring our designs and features to meet current (and anticipated) industry needs.

While the industry is making excellent efforts to increase space for NHPs, including rhesus and macaques, the need for traditional 1-over-1 primary housing is still real and necessary.

What our industry needs—and what Britz & Company continually provides—is NHP housing that includes and considers:

  • ZSqueeze backs to assist and train uninitiated animals
  • ZSmall doors for safe animal transfers via tunnels or boxes
  • ZSliding side doors in varying materials to support social introductions of animals
  • ZEnrichment devices and fixtures
  • ZIndividualized feeding and watering functions
  • ZMobility for regular cleaning/sanitation via bulk cage wash operations.

Today, we see an opportunity for a new line of NHP 1-over-1 housing units for animals at different group levels that allows facilities to retain procedures across groups.

Meet your TroopLeader:

The latest Britz & Company innovation in mobile primate caging.

In our TroopLeader line, all features and functions remain consistent at each group level; for example, the features and functions of the TroopLeader6 for Group 4 NHPs are the same as those of TroopLeader8 for Group 5 NHPs. The line is capped by TroopLeaderEuro on one end, and TroopLeader43 on the other.

The difference between each product lies in the customization and modularity of key features, tailored precisely to meet your facility’s unique and varied needs. In fact, the only thing “standard” in the TroopLeader series is the functional design of the main frame!

Every other element of TroopLeader primate caging—from side, floor, and back panels, to roof and floor screens—can be customized for your unique situation.

Inside the housing unit, NHPs are provided with perching areas, a mesh roof for natural brachiating, enrichment areas, and clear views through secure mesh panels. We’ve also integrated composite materials to reduce stress, create warmth, and minimize load-disturbing noise.

If you’re a researcher, you’ll appreciate the simple operating features, as well as stress-reducing design elements that will yield better science data uncompromised by stress-induced hormones.

For animal care staff, we’ve included ergonomic features like single-handed-pull squeeze backs and simple push /pull handles that allow for easy navigation of equipment through facility hallways.

As all researchers familiar with NHPs know, safety is key. With the TroopLeader, we’ve managed to maintain security while reducing the number of padlocks needed to stymie those pesky escape artists.

Features & Benefits


  • TroopLeader.4: 4.3 sq.ft. for G3
  • TroopLeader.6: 6.2 sq.ft. for G4
  • TroopLeader.8: 8 sq.ft. for G5
  • TroopLeader.9: 9 sq.ft. for G5+
  • TroopLeader.EU: 1 sq.m. for Euro


The housing area includes perching areas, a mesh roof for natural brachiating, stimulating enrichment areas, and secure mesh panels.


Customize panels, roof screens, floor screens, and even squeeze styles (single-handed or a basket-style, two-handed squeeze) to best suit your situation.


Composite materials create warmth and reduce loud/disturbing noise, yielding better science data that’s uncompromised by stress-induced hormones.


Animal care staff will appreciate ergonomic features like single-handed-pull squeeze backs and simple push /pull handles that allow equipment to be easily navigated through facility hallways.