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The ChoiceSolo app is the first (and only?) electronic enrichment application designed for laboratory NHPs.  This page includes frequently asked questions and support articles to help you and your “friends” get the most out of this enrichment tool.   When in doubt, just call…ask for Bill!


Download Trial:

Latest Version (2.2.0) as of 08/18/2022

By popular demand, this version adds the ability to save the unique artwork created by the NHPs while they are using the “finger paint” feature.  We’ve collecting artwork and creating a gallery(see below) of the clever work by our primary users!  This is a full and complete version (not a patch).  Please go to Windows/Add-Remove programs and remove any previous versions of the ChoiceSolo app (V2.1.1) before running this installation file.  New users will be able to run in trial mode for 10 days.  Existing users should be able to use previous license files to register this version for full use.  Contact Bill if you need help!

Version (2.1.1) as of 12/27/2021

The download here is a fully functioning version of the software.  It will allow you to run the software for a 10 day trial.  After 10 days, you can purchase a license to continue using the app.   If you decide not to use the app, then just use the Window “Add/Remove Apps” control panel to un-install. Clicking the link above will start the download of the ChoiceSoloSetup.zip file.   Once the zip archive has completed download, right-click on the downloaded zip file and select “extract all”.   The zip file contains two files:  “ChoiceSoloSetup.msi” and “setup.exe”.   You can copy these two files to a thumb drive for installation on a tablet or touchpad.

Quick Install Guide:

Once you have the Setup files (above) and your are ready to load the application,  click this link to download a PDF guide to installing the software.

User’s Manual:

Click this link to download the Users Manual for V2.1.0 and V2.1.1.

Licensing Your Software:

Click this link to download our guide to registering your copy of the Choice Solo App.   Note: ChoiceSolo is licensed on an individual machine basis.  If the table with your original license is “kaput”, call us…we can help move the license to a new machine.

An introduction to the ChoiceSolo system with Bill Britz.  Learn about the application, uses and accessories available to get started with electronic NHP enrichment!
This short video will walk you through importing the History file generated by the ChoiceSolo app into an Excel Spreadsheet.  Once in the spreadsheet, you’ll be able to analyze your NHP user’s performance!

The ChoiceSolo User Art Gallery


Emory Study, ASP 2021
MGH, 2011

Version History:

V2.1.1 – Released 12/25/2021

  • Minor Bug fixes
  • Updated/refreshed background patterns for menu windows.

V2.1.0 – Released 06/02/2018

  • Added User customization of menu icons.
  • Added Bluetooth communication protocol for SideKick positive re-inforcement, treat dispenser.



As soon as your NHP begins to tire of their current content options, it’s easy to swap in new choices! 


Keep an eye on your NHP’s activities, even when you’re not there.


Built-in history collection records your NHP’s actions with a timestamp, then stores the data in a file you can download and analyze later.


The system is compatible with any Windows-based tablet, 10” and up.


The impact-resistant case can be customized to fit the tablet size that works best for your NHPs and will easily mount to your existing housing. 


“We have been chugging along out here with the monkeys! We are using our tablets out the wazoo! Our monkeys have gotten pretty well oriented with these and we have set up each tablet to have different videos so they are getting a large variety. We have also been putting together data of what each monkey enjoys doing and one of our technicians is going to begin a little study to see if the animals have a favorite video or song (based on previously collected data) and if she moves it around within the system will the monkey search for it!”
NIH Animal Program