Choice Solo electronic enrichment

Trackable, adaptable tech that puts NHPs in control of their environment—
and provides you unique insight into their behavior and motivations.

With Choice Solo, the first electronic enrichment device for NHPs, you’ll get to know your NHPs and understand their behavior in novel ways! 

Not only does Choice Solo put your NHP in control of the videos they watch and music they hear, this first-of-its-kind device also allows researchers a unique window into their NHP’s behavior patterns and motivations. With this information, you’re better equipped to discover methods of positive reinforcement that connect with your NHP, as well as design an environment that interests, stimulates, and motivates them best. 

Protected by an impact-resistant case, the Choice Solo mounts easily to a variety of housing. It can be operated on virtually any Windows-based tablet (10” and up), with the option to add a remote device panel so your NHP can operate a set of lights or other devices. Plus, with an endless library of video and music options for you to switch out at your leisure, your NHP will never get bored.



As soon as your NHP begins to tire of their current content options, it’s easy to swap in new choices! 


Keep an eye on your NHP’s activities, even when you’re not there.


Built-in history collection records your NHP’s actions with a timestamp, then stores the data in a file you can download and analyze later.


The system is compatible with any Windows-based tablet, 10” and up.


The impact-resistant case can be customized to fit the tablet size that works best for your NHPs and will easily mount to your existing housing. 


“We have been chugging along out here with the monkeys! We are using our tablets out the wazoo! Our monkeys have gotten pretty well oriented with these and we have set up each tablet to have different videos so they are getting a large variety. We have also been putting together data of what each monkey enjoys doing and one of our technicians is going to begin a little study to see if the animals have a favorite video or song (based on previously collected data) and if she moves it around within the system will the monkey search for it!”

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