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In the ‘90s, your facility’s cubicles were top of the line. Today, they’re in dire need of an upgrade—and Britz and Company is just the team to complete your animal cubicle renovations!

How can you tell if it’s time for a cubicle renovation? Let’s see how many of these tell-tale signs apply to the cubicles you have now:

  • ZManual, cable or counterweight telescoping doors
  • ZManual air control systems
  • ZObsolete electronics (for which replacement parts are near-impossible to find)
  • ZFan systems operating well beyond their rated life span
  • ZLeaks, smells and/or worn parts and pieces

If you can say “yes” to more than two items on that list, it’s time for an upgrade; one that will vastly enhance the safety, security and comfort of your facility for animals and team members alike.


What happens during a cubicle renovation?

Based on your specific space and research needs, we’ll develop a customized plan for your new cubicles. 

Tell us the challenges you’re looking to overcome, the features you’d love to have, and the “must have” items on your list; we’ll take it from there! 

If your current cubicles have double doors: No problem. The tear-down and installation process is only slightly modified from a single-door cubicle renovation, as we’ll explain further below. 

After tearing down your existing cubicles, we’ll begin installing your new ones, complete with new air controls, roll-up doors and a touchscreen control panel.

Here’s what you can expect during a cubicle renovation, step by step.


The renovation process begins with a full gut of your old cubicles, including:

  • ZDoors and door jambs
  • ZControl panel
  • ZElectrical Wiring
  • ZFan systems
  • ZFilter Boxes
  • ZOld duct work

By the time we’re finished, nothing will be left of your old cubicles except for the walls and ceiling plenum.


Installation begins! In addition to the cubicles themselves, you can look forward to enjoying all-new:

  • ZDuctwork (4”)
  • ZHEPA filter boxes
  • ZFans
  • ZElectronic controls; we use GE Fanuc control systems, which are modular, easy to maintain and can connect to your Building Automation System (BAS) for remote monitoring
  • ZTough, PVC-coated roll-up doors, with the option to include a durable Strataglass window (and red tint for smaller windows)
  • ZEnergy efficient LED systems (unless you’d prefer to reuse the lights from your old cubicles)

We’ll also install a removable architectural panel above the doors for servicing the air control systems. 


You’ll operate your new cubicles using a touchscreen control panel, with features including:

  • ZDoor operation push buttons
  • ZNumerous screens to monitor and control various cubicle functions
  • ZA built-in Ethernet port and web server for full remote network access
  • ZAbility to connect to your Building Automation System for additional insight

Once we’ve cleaned, tested and fully inspected your new cubicles and door systems, our team will invite you in for the big reveal! 

Before we go, we’ll also provide training on your exciting new tech and electronic cubicle controls.


  • ZZipTrack Technology provides the best seal under negative and positive differentials
  • ZVertical door opening provides a clear, unobstructed path for moving equipment in and out
  • ZQuiet operation for minimal disturbance to animals
  • ZLower room height requirements
  • ZCan easily be retrofit to replace failing telescoping doors and give older cubicles new life
  • ZQuick and easy to install, operate and maintain


If your current facility has cubicles with double doors, the cubicle renovation process follows the same steps outlined above, and we’ll replace your double doors with roll-up doors. 

The new doors will be electronically interlocked (ex., Door A must be closed before Door B will open) and have interior up/down control buttons.

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How much does a cubicle renovation cost?

The average cost to retrofit a full cubicle (single door) is $21,000 per unit; for a cubicle with double doors, it’s $24,000 per unit.

Note: These estimates represent what we’d consider to be on the higher end, or a more complicated upgrade. Your actual cost may vary, pending on the specifics of your space and requests.

What’s included in the cost of a cubicle renovation?

Your final cost includes:

  • New equipment
  • Delivery
  • Labor for demolition of old units and installation of the new units
  • Training on your new control panel
  • 1-year warranty

Typically, clients will provide a dumpster for disposal and/or recycling of old equipment.

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